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This is what we do in our spare time ;-)

If you want free e-mail from My3Mail.net , holler. You can auto-forward this to any other e-mail address and/or have as many alias’ as you like. You can use My3Mail.net, My3Mail.com or My3Mail.us (or all of the above) with one login. This works great if you want to keep business contacts and personal contacts separate... just give them a different ID ;-) OR... just forward one of these accounts to your business account and/or keep a copy on the server for at home. It’s your mail, get it where you want.

It’s FREE... just like the other free ones... ONLY WITHOUT THE COMMERCIALS!!! So, if you have another “free” account but do not want all the advertisements and additons to your “signature,” just let us know. I’ll also give you a larger limit... send and receive pictures from your friends!

It’s yours for the asking.... just ask!

If you need online backups, webhosting or web design, or server co-location... that’s what we do. :-) We build websites and databases, etc.

Basically, if it involves computers or the internet... call us and we can help!

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